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Childism. Noun. (uncountable) A prejudice and/or discrimination against the young.

A systemic condition that promotes stereotypes of the young.

Fresh from owning the stage at the national Laneway Festival, Castlemaine teenager Kian has today dropped new single, ‘Childism’, the follow up to his debut single ‘Waiting’.  It is a deeply personal account in contrast to ‘Waiting’ and demonstrates his ability to merge melody with subtle influences of rap.

Kian said today, “The idea of Childism is based around feeling as if you don’t have a voice in society, like you’re stuck in the middle of being a kid and an adult, that your thoughts and opinions often get lost in the clutter because of your age. It’s the constant pressure of expectation, stereotypes, fitting in, mental health and bullying, all issues that affect young people of today and will inevitably affect the future of our people and world. As young people we need a voice, we need to have freedom to be creative, to speak our minds and to be treated like we are valued, that is when the cycle will break. I hope kids can listen to this song and know they are not alone and that their voices are among many others crying for help, the louder we speak up the more we will be heard!”

Kian continues, “On a personal level this song is about me feeling like I couldn’t talk or express myself, like I couldn’t trust anyone. From being bullied to my family being split up, this song resonates with me as it was inspired by the times I felt the lowest. I think all young people can agree that the expectation from family, school and friends can get very overwhelming and even though young people are resilient, added pressures can push us to our limits, this is why we are in brink of mental health crisis that isn’t showing signs of slowing down.”

Just announced is Kian’s performance at the UK’s Great Escape Festival 2019. He’ll hit the stage in Brighton this coming May in his first visit to the UK.  Tickets on sale now.

Kian’s debut single ‘Waiting’ has resonated strongly, the track reaching #20 on triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2018, peaking at #16 on ARIA and reaching #1 on Shazam.