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For eight years Empyreans have waited patiently for word from visionary duo Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore as they traversed the world on their sonic pilgrimage… that wait ends here with their new album ‘Ask That God’ which will be released on Friday July 26 and available for pre-order HERE now.

In a kaleidoscopic universe where reality merges seamlessly with fantasy, the fourth age of Empire of the Sun unveils itself as a holistic musical adventure where imagination and reality blur and the surreal reigns supreme. “It has been a journey unlike any other that Empire Of The Sun has undertaken. We always ‘go there’ when it comes to exploration of both the self and the outside world,” says Littlemore. “This body of work represents the greatest shift in consciousness our world has ever seen and that’s reflected in the music.”

“Ask That God is an album we searched for and were thankfully blessed with. We are nothing more than conduits, gathering experience and finding what is meant for the Empire to find,” explains Steele.

The propulsive first single ‘Changes’ heralded the new era as a moment to reflect on what was happening to the band itself – a second coming, the new era and a sense of rebirth. The idea goes to the heart of the Empire’s purpose, to nurture and amplify bliss and beauty through finely crafted manifestations of sound and vision.

All that is underpinned by the band’s infectious ability to build musical worlds that no one wants to leave as demonstrated through the hypnotic disco laced groove of the addictive second single ‘Music On The Radio’ which is released today. “To me this song is like a teenager rebelling against his imaginary emotions. It’s penned in only that unique way Lord Littlemore can bring words to life. The bass wraps it’s arms around you in some kind of hypnotic groove and you’re powerless to its charms” says Steele.

Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore continue their musical journey as kingdom builders not shying away from their indelible ability to weave their music with their unmistakable visual aesthetic and storytelling.

In the second video instalment filmmaker Michael Maxxis takes us on a visual trip with the portal-jumping Emperor and Lord arriving in a parallel universe for a surreal pool-party. With its bold neon feel and odd squad of characters, the video puts the song at its centre capitalising on its infectious hypnotic pulse.

Empire of the Sun have left an indelible mark on the global music scene, boasting a remarkable career that has seen them sell over 5.5 million albums worldwide and accumulate a staggering 7.6 billion streams. The band’s illustrious three albums have seen multi-generational and far-reaching global success for iconic anthems including “Walking On A Dream”, “We Are The People”, “Alive” and “High And Low”. Enjoying multi-platinum success in the US, Canada, UK, across Europe and Australia plus eight ARIA Awards & two APRA Awards, the band continue to solidify their status as musical pioneers.




Empire of the Sun, the visionary Australian electronic duo comprising Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, have been making waves across the world with phenomenal live shows and anthemic smash hits for the last decade as one of Australia’s most successful musical exports.

With Steele’s background in The Sleepy Jackson and Littlemore’s founding role in PNAU, the duo embarked on a sonic odyssey that has captivated audiences worldwide. Since their emergence, Empire of the Sun has transcended boundaries, blending alternative electronica with mesmerizing visuals to create an immersive musical experience unlike any other.

Their seminal debut album, Walking On A Dream, which the musicians described as “a spiritual road movie” spawned iconic singles “Walking On A Dream” and “We Are The People”. The critically acclaimed second LP, disco-pop Ice On The Dune featured “Alive” and “DNA” and saw the band tour the world. Third LP “Two Vines,” saw the band welcoming guests like Lindsey Buckingham, members of David Bowie’s band from the Blackstar sessions, and Wendy Melvoin from Prince & the Revolution and featured singles “High And Low” and “Way To Go”.

Their chart success extends far beyond their native Australia, with their albums achieving multi-platinum certifications across the globe. In addition to their commercial triumphs, the duo has garnered an impressive array of accolades, including eight ARIA Awards, two APRA Awards, and an APRA Billions Award. With over 5.5 million albums sold globally and a staggering 7.6 billion streams, Empire of the Sun’s impact on the music industry is undeniable, solidifying their status as icons of the electronic music genre