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Nick Ward












Following the success of his previous release, “Gimme,” which topped the most played chart on triple J in March, Nick Ward today unveils his latest single Shooting Star”, a deeply personal track that is a heartfelt ode to confidence and self-worth.

Written as a homage to the unwavering support of his mother and his own journey towards self-assurance, Shooting Star delves into the emotions of empowerment and triumph. Ward reflects, “It’s a song about confidence and self-worth, and how my mum has always been a stream of support and love. I’ve really struggled with confidence my whole life, and it’s only through music and performing that I’ve found it. This song really feels like the emotion of being on top of the world to me.”

The track infuses hip-hop-inspired beats with Ward’s signature style, resulting in a sound that is both innovative and familiar, Ward captures the essence of Shooting Star as a dynamic and cinematic musical journey. Collaborating with fellow Full Circle artists SOLLYY and FRIDAY*, Ward crafted Shooting Star in a single afternoon, harnessing the collective’s creative energy to produce a song that is as authentic as it is captivating.

Set against the backdrop of a sports team, the Shooting Star” video is a poignant reflection on the complexities of male dominance and the emotional toll it can take. Inspired by the film Beau Travail by Claire Denis, the video offers a thought-provoking exploration of identity and self-expression. As co-director, alongside Charles BuxtonLeslie, of the accompanying music video, Ward stayed true to his vision, creating a visual narrative that explores themes of masculinity and vulnerability with sensitivity and depth.

“I wanted to make a video about the inherent violence and eroticism of masculinity and thought that a sports team would be a good symbol to explore those themes. It’s a recreation of emotions I had growing up in a toxic male-dominant environment. The feeling of being scared of men yet sort of in awe of them” explains Ward.



A multi-talented artist, Nick Ward emerged with his brand of bedroom pop on triple Unearthed, releasing multiple tracks and refining his sound across debut EP Everything I Wish I Told You. Then came 2022’s Brand New You about which NME raved: …a tightrope balance of bravado and self-doubt… few can make it as relatable, redemptive and hopeful”.

After a successful headline tour in 2022, Nick was recently named the Ticketmaster 2023 Breakthrough Artist, a well-deserved recognition that showcases his exceptional talent and potential in the industry. Ward is also a part of the Sydney musical collective Full Circle, which brings together young creatives, including fellow artists FRIDAY*, SOLLYY, Dylan Atlantis, Breakfast Road, and Zion Garcia, who collaborate to push the boundaries of the pop music experience.

From starting as a triple j Unearthed high finalist in 2019, Nick has attracted the attention of local and international tastemakers, press alike, including V Man, SideNote, PAPER, GQ, Wonderland, Notion, 10 Magazine, NME, Junkee, and more.

Nick Ward’s music transcends boundaries, weaving together elements of indie pop rock, emo, electronic and hip-hop to create a sound that is uniquely his own.


With Gimmeand Shooting Star,” two tastes from his forthcoming debut album scheduled for release later this year. Nick Ward reaffirms his position as a thoughtful and innovative voice in the world of contemporary pop music.


“Nick Ward is at the forefront of Sydney’s sonic scene” VMAN


“…unafraid to bare himself completely for his art, trading pretense for a confidence in his vulnerability that makes the conviction of his confessions all the more devastating.” NME