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MEG MAC is back and burning bright with her keenly anticipated new single ‘Low Blows’, the title track from her forthcoming album. ‘Low Blows’ is a dynamic, soulful, personal exhortation that’s distinctly and uniquely MEG MAC.


In 2014 MEG MAC was named Triple J’s Unearthed artist of the year. The station spearheaded her trajectory Worldwide playing multiple tracks from her highly acclaimed debut EP, featuring ‘Roll up your sleeves’ which was also play listed on radio stations across America and featured in the US TV series ‘Girls’ and ‘Grace and Frankie’. MEG MAC was nominated for 2 ARIA Awards in 2015 and in 2016 named as one of Triple J’s Top 5 ‘Unearthed’ discoveries of the last decade.


MEG MAC grew up in an Irish family surrounded by the sound of her mum singing old Irish songs and records by Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Edith Piaf, Nina Simone and Otis Redding spinning on the turntable, permeating her soul. Meg says ‘I was always inspired by soulful voices and big voices – I grew up listening to and mostly influenced by singers”.


Leading up to recording her debut album MEG MAC spent long periods in America writing and touring; performing at several major music festivals, tours with Clean Bandit and an inspirational North American ‘Black Messiah’ tour with D’Angelo as well as her own debut sold out shows in NYC and LA. “The most inspiring was being part of the D’Angelo tour” Meg explains “I learned what it was to tour America, following D’Angelo across the country, watching him play every night. We played theatres starting in LA, across the South and then up to New York where I also played with Gary Clark Jr”.


Gary Clark commented “I heard this voice. I was like “I gotta go check this out.” I was blown away by how powerful her voice was and how cool she was. It blew my mind. She’s amazing”.


MEG MAC’s new single “Low Blows” was recorded at the Niles City Sound Studio in Fort Worth, Texas with additional production at Electric lady in New York.


MEG MAC explains the process:

“I’d met the Niles City Sound guys when they were touring with Leon Bridges; Austin Jenkins, Josh Block and Chris Vivon produced and played on Leon’s album, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to recording with them. While I was working in LA I decided to fly to Fort Worth to check out their studio. On arrival I worked up a song live with them and decided to book in for the album”.

“The studio conjures up evocative images of old black & white photos of my favourite artists in recording studios. You get a good feeling in a place like this. Everything in the studio is vintage, original and from another era, the piano was over 100 year old, vintage microphones, synths, even the stands and speakers. I loved being in that environment – entering a different world”.

“I played a lot of piano on the album, it’s me playing on “Low Blows”. Austin Jenkins, Josh Block, Robert Ellis and Sarab Singh played guitars, keys and bass and drums … every day someone would be dropping by the studio – Leon Bridges regularly would pop in just to say hi”.

“We played ‘Low Blows’ live in the studio, together as a band for ages. We wanted to find the feeling, and the drive that would end up going through the whole song. I then went to Electric Lady in New York where John O’Mahony mixed it did some additional production”

“I wrote ‘Low Blows’ on piano in my bedroom in Melbourne – The song is about wanting to stand up for myself – I don’t say much especially when I need to – it’s about being uncomfortable and all the  things that go along with that – allowing people get the better of me”

 ‘You’re coming round too late, I’ve taken off my face and you won’t like it, I haven’t seen anyone in days – Low Blows, man up, it’s all good, man up,  cause I don’t say much when I don’t like it” (Low Blows)

MEG MAC tours the US in June, including the Firefly Festival in Delaware before heading back to Australia in July to launch of her debut album.

MEG MAC’s new single “Low Blows” is released on LittleBIGMANrecords on March 31st.